Saturday January 23rd: It is early morning on the African plains and the sun has just begun to rise. There is a crisp feel in the air as you stand up in your moving safari vehicle and feel the breeze on your face. Then suddenly your tour guide stops the vehicle because in front of you a herd of elephants are crossing the road, just a few feet away. You remain still and watch, then you notice to your right, a small group of zebra are playing next to some wildebeest. You take some photographs and your driver continues down the road. You come to a group of giraffe eating leaves from the Thorny Acacia trees and you stop again. Then without any notice, you see warthogs franticly running in all directions as three lions begin chasing them, looking for a morning meal. The savannah is full of life and you get a bit emotional as you realize you are on safari in Africa and your bucket list is coming true. This is what we create, this is what we do. 
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